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Yes, there’s at least one woman who mans the checkpoints going to Marawi

It is now 31 days since Marawi became a battleground. Checkpoints are a way of life – especially if you’re traveling from the Laguindinga  airport in Cagayan de Oro towards Marawi.  I remember the checkpoints in light of recent news reports that Gabriela, the women’s organization, has expressed alarm over reports that the military and […]

Our Schools as ‘Peace Zones’ near Marawi

If you drive too fast, you won’t see that many schools near Marawi carry signs indicating they are “peace zones.” I saw this first hand on a recent visit to the area. Many of the government schools in Misamis Oriental on the way to Iligan carry this “peace zone” sign outside the gate. Education Secretary […]

A Church Rescues its Flock from a Cross Fight in Marawi

In Tibanga, Iligan, I saw a community of “bakwits” that lives to tell the tale of how a church, the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC), saved them from the fighting in Marawi. I am not a member of the INC. I encountered this story when we were in Iligan to distribute blankets and mats to people […]