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Yes, there’s at least one woman who mans the checkpoints going to Marawi

It is now 31 days since Marawi became a battleground. Checkpoints are a way of life – especially if you’re traveling from the Laguindinga  airport in Cagayan de Oro towards Marawi.  I remember the checkpoints in light of recent news reports that Gabriela, the women’s organization, has expressed alarm over reports that the military and […]

A Church Rescues its Flock from a Cross Fight in Marawi

In Tibanga, Iligan, I saw a community of “bakwits” that lives to tell the tale of how a church, the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC), saved them from the fighting in Marawi. I am not a member of the INC. I encountered this story when we were in Iligan to distribute blankets and mats to people […]

Encounters: Alan Gabriola

Alan is one of our officers in the Philippine embassy in Yangon. When I met him, he has spent three years in Myanmar and is getting ready to be deployed to another ASEAN state. Meeting him gave me an insight into the life of our young foreign service officers. A native of Antique province, Alan […]